All About Nail Fungal Infection

Nail Fungal infection is one of the most common conditions of the toenails. It makes up about 50% of the total diseases of the nails. It is also one of the most common health conditions. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) estimates that about 3%  to 12% of the world’s population has nail fungal infection. Fungus, like many other microorganisms, is found inside the human body. When these fungi grow beyond what they are expected to produce, health problems will become evident. For more related information  (i.e symptoms, causes, treatments) about this nail condition read on below.

Symptoms Associated With Nail Fungus

Nail Fungal infection is also known as Onychomycosis (clinical name) or Tinea Unguium (scientific name). It is a more common fungal infection in adults and usually appears on the big toenails. When these fungi infect the toenails, they start off as whitish or yellowish tinge on the tips of the nails. This discoloration may sometimes be taken as an effect of constant nail painting, hence may be disregarded as normal. However, the fungi can multiply rapidly. Eventually, most of the nails will be transformed. Here are other symptoms associated with nail fungal infection.

  • thickening of nails
  • the nails become brittle
  • the nails become deformed
  • the nails may break
  • the nails may be detached from the nail bed when the infection gets worse

If the condition is taken for granted, there may come a time that the affected area may become painful. Exercising, walking, even standing, may likewise become challenging once the condition worsens. (more…)

How to Find the Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

A home security is an essential upgrade for any household. If you have not yet considered having one, this post might just be what you need in finding the best waterproof wireless doorbell.

It is really frustrating when you missed a visitor knocking on the door because you are doing something in the kitchen. You may also get upset when you find that you missed a delivery because you did not hear the delivery guy while he was knocking softly as he might wake up the bulldog lying asleep at the doorsteps of the house next door. Perhaps you have one installed, but it seems it needs a little upgrade. And you are all so worried that you might not be able to have the replacement installed correctly as you don’t have any the slightest idea where those wires go.

Fortunately, there is another option for you. Part of the developments on door chimes is making them functional even without wires. Today, these home security devices are available in different styles, color, and designs. The wireless option would really be a great upgrade and will also be great on your budget.

Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

How to Find the Best Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

So, you are considering buying a waterproof wireless doorbell chime instead?So, you are considering buying a waterproof wireless chime instead?

Tip #1. Opt for a good quality doorbell that is not ridiculously expensive nor too cheap. Find an option that is fairly priced but will also be fully functional with all the features that you need from a wireless doorbell with a waterproof button. Remember that the price tag does not always guarantee the quality of the product that you find. But you also need to be careful when checking for the less pricey alternatives as you might just be getting your money’s worth if you finally found out that the cheap doorbell that you bought, would have to be broken after a few weeks.

Tip #2. Look for a seller that offers warranty for the items that they sell. You cannot be so certain even if the product seems to be working well when it was tested in the shop where you bought it. It will only be once you have the device installed that you will know exactly how far the sound coming from the doorbell can be heard, or there really isn’t any defect with the product.

Tip #3. Make sure that the doorbell releases a sound that can be heard in and out of the house. Imagine if you find the door chime that you purchased can only be heard by the person who has been ringing it. How then can anyone inside the house respond right away? The sound that it makes should be heard in every part of your house, so won’t be missing anyone who would ring the doorbell. Check the receiver for the quality of the sound. (more…)

The Stages You Will Go Through When Growing a Beard

If you think that the stages are done, well sorry but achieving that masculine facial hair is not that eay. There are still stages that you will go through before you can achieve that Hollywood style look. Read on to get that dapper and elegant look as if you are going to accept your first Oscars.

The Beard That Needs Nourishing Stage

Aside from aiming for a well-trimmed and good looking beard, you should also aim for a flake free, smelling fresh and soft beard. The best way to do that would be by using best beard softener. While conditioner is good for softening your beard, the beard oil’s job is to lock in the moisture on top of further softening it. In addition to that, beard oil also prevents beard dandruff from coming out. Beard oil maintains a proper balance on your skin so it won’t be too dry and not too oily. It will also keep the beard smelling nice.

Growing a Beard

A Beard That Needs To Be Controlled Stage

Like a normal hair in the head, your beard will have a life of its own once it became long enough. A hair growing in all direction will not give you the beard of your dream and if you do not want to appear like a caveman, then you should do something about it. (more…)

Professional Guide in the Proper Use of Pedicure Files

Lovely nails on those lovely feet — these are such a treat for every woman. The truth of the matter, however, is that before those nails could take such notable shape and squicky shine, they need to be formed, buffed, and filed. It takes some time before you can finally enjoy weeks of gorgeous and flawless looking nails.

One of the tools that could do such a marvelous trick on your nails is a pedicure file. Callus form on your skin where there are more pressure and friction. Every time you have your nails done, foot files are used to remove these thick and dry skin from the bottom of your feet to make them look healthier, cleaner hence, more appealing. This will also allow more oxygen to pass through the skin pores. Having your foot file is also a great way to improve blood circulation.

When done the right way, you can benefit from having your foot filed.

1. If the skin on your foot is filed the right way, will remove unsightly calluses on your skin. Calluses develop from using ill-fitting footwear and high heels. If you leave those callused feet untreated it will soon be inconvenient to walk. It may also cause an infection and can be really painful.

2. Foot filing also improves the circulation of blood in the feet as the process allow more nutrients to be supplied easily to the skin cells. Pressure is supplied on your feet while filing, including pressure points, which may also contribute to an overall good feeling that you may have after the process.

3. This also allows more oxygen to be supplied to the feet, making the skin looking healthier and improves the self-repair process of the skin as dead layers of the skin is removed. As a foot pedicure involves a massage, it helps relieve tension on the skin, muscles, and the joints. It makes you feel energized, refreshed and relaxed. If you feel great down on your feet, chances are your overall happiness level is improved as well as your overall emotional state. Feeling less stressed makes it easier to be more positive and be a lot healthier from the inside out.

4. A lot of cleaning and gentle scrubbing down those feet to remove dead skin cells will expose the newly formed layer of skin that looks smooth, silky, and soft. You can get rid of cracked heels, dirt, and other skin contaminants that may be clinging on your feet.

When should you use a foot file?

Best pedicure foot files  were once only used as an element of having a pedicure. Today, foot files are also used during spa treatments and to revitalize the skin. When having a pedicure, a foot file is used either when the feet are soaked in a pedicure solution (wet filing) or after drying the soaked feet in the solution (dry filing). (more…)

Bearded Dragon Care 101

Bearded Dragons are one of the most favored reptile pets and it is quite easy to see why. Many pet owners just love these docile dragons. They do have a particular traits that set them apart from other reptiles and they are also easy to handle and care for. Many keepers have found them to be willing to be pet and quite tamed when handled. If you can follow the general guidelines in the proper setup of their habitat as well as managing their diet, you can manage them with no issues at all.

These docile pets are also easy to breed. If you can provide them with the right husbandry, you can keep them as long as a decade and even longer.

To help you with the most common concerns related to handling and caring for bearded dragons, we have prepared this guideline that you can refer to any time. If you feel and think that this has helped you in any way, we will appreciate it if you will share the knowledge as well. You will find important information on how to properly set up the dragon’s enclosure, as well as the heating, lighting, and accessories for your pet dragon.


One to two baby or juvenile bearded dragons can live comfortably in an enclosure as small as 40 gallons (36″ x 18″ x 13″H). A bigger enclosure of about 70 gallons (36″ x 18″ x 25″H) to about 90 gallons (48″ x 18″ x 25″H) will make an excellent space for adults. You may need to place a secure screen top to prevent your dragons from getting out of its cage.

Female bearded dragons can be placed in a similar size cage together. Males, however, are territorial should not be placed in the same enclosure as they will just fight off for space. But, you can house a male and several females together. You can do this only if you are an experienced reptile enthusiast as there can be problems that may arise and cause stress for any of the dragons. It may also cause the dragons to get sick and even die early. Note that even multiple females will fight for survival so you have to make sure that all dragons (if you put more than one in the same enclosure) are receiving an appropriate share of the food, heat, humidity, and so on. For really small or big reptiles, it is best that place each in separate cages. (more…)

Pyrethrins And Permethrins: Ectoparasites Treatment For Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon are often prey to these ectoparasites or external parasites: mites, ticks, biting flies, and, to a lesser extent, leeches. Many reptile keepers think of these parasites as just a nuisance or an inconvenience. In reality, they can cause or contribute to very serious sickness. If any parasite infestation is left untreated, this may pose a greater risk on the health of the reptile.

The best way to treat an infestation is to allow a herp vet to diagnose the condition of the reptiles. The vet will examine and weigh the reptile. Once a full diagnosis is completed, the vet will prescribe the appropriate treatment method that should be used to eradicate the reptiles infesting the reptile.

Fresh droppings may also be sent to the veterinarian who will perform fecal parasite examinations to determine the particular microorganisms that may have caused the pathology.

There are a number of drugs used in the removal and termination of infestation. For Mites and ticks, drugs and insecticides used include ivermectin, dichlorvos (No-Pest) strips, as well as several variations of pyrethrins and permethrins.

Pyrethrins and pyrethroids

These compounds are used as insecticides and have been found in more than 3,500 registered products. Many of these products are used around households like those that are used to clean pets and in treating clothes, in controlling mosquitoes, as well as in agriculture. The use of these compounds has increased with the declining use of organophosphate pesticides, which are considered even more toxic to birds and mammals than the pyrethroids.

Pyrethrins as a treatment for ectoparasites

Pyrethrin is a collective term used for a class of insecticidal compounds extracted from the pyrethrum flowers (Chrysanthemums). There is a  wide variety of pyrethrin- and  permethrin-based products that are formulated for small animal medicine and have been specifically used to treat both ticks and mites. These compounds have been registered for use since the 1950s. Note, however, that there are several reported deaths associated with the use of these compounds.

While many have found these compounds extremely helpful in treating ectoparasites like mites and ticks. Even if these compounds are considered less toxic than other chemicals, that does not mean that they are safe for use. Several reports relating to various health problems linked to pyrethroids had increased to about 300 times within a decade. The problems reported included the following concerns: burning and tingling skin, respiratory trouble, involuntary twitching, dizziness, nausea, fainting, convulsions, and seizures. One reference indicates that there have been 50 deaths associated with the use of these compounds since 1992. (more…)