The Stages You Will Go Through When Growing a Beard

If you think that the stages are done, well sorry but achieving that masculine facial hair is not that eay. There are still stages that you will go through before you can achieve that Hollywood style look. Read on to get that dapper and elegant look as if you are going to accept your first

Professional Guide in the Proper Use of Pedicure Files

Lovely nails on those lovely feet — these are such a treat for every woman. The truth of the matter, however, is that before those nails could take such notable shape and squicky shine, they need to be formed, buffed, and filed. It takes some time before you can finally enjoy weeks of gorgeous and

Bearded Dragon Care 101

Bearded Dragons are one of the most favored reptile pets and it is quite easy to see why. Many pet owners just love these docile dragons. They do have a particular traits that set them apart from other reptiles and they are also easy to handle and care for. Many keepers have found them to

Pyrethrins And Permethrins: Ectoparasites Treatment For Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon are often prey to these ectoparasites or external parasites: mites, ticks, biting flies, and, to a lesser extent, leeches. Many reptile keepers think of these parasites as just a nuisance or an inconvenience. In reality, they can cause or contribute to very serious sickness. If any parasite infestation is left untreated, this may

All About Nail Fungal Infection

Nail Fungal infection is one of the most common conditions of the toenails. It makes up about 50% of the total diseases of the nails. It is also one of the most common health conditions. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) estimates that about 3%  to 12% of the world’s population has nail fungal