Professional Guide in the Proper Use of Pedicure Files

Lovely nails on those lovely feet — these are such a treat for every woman. The truth of the matter, however, is that before those nails could take such notable shape and squicky shine, they need to be formed, buffed, and filed. It takes some time before you can finally enjoy weeks of gorgeous and flawless looking nails.

One of the tools that could do such a marvelous trick on your nails is a pedicure file. Callus form on your skin where there are more pressure and friction. Every time you have your nails done, foot files are used to remove these thick and dry skin from the bottom of your feet to make them look healthier, cleaner hence, more appealing. This will also allow more oxygen to pass through the skin pores. Having your foot file is also a great way to improve blood circulation.

When done the right way, you can benefit from having your foot filed.

1. If the skin on your foot is filed the right way, will remove unsightly calluses on your skin. Calluses develop from using ill-fitting footwear and high heels. If you leave those callused feet untreated it will soon be inconvenient to walk. It may also cause an infection and can be really painful.

2. Foot filing also improves the circulation of blood in the feet as the process allow more nutrients to be supplied easily to the skin cells. Pressure is supplied on your feet while filing, including pressure points, which may also contribute to an overall good feeling that you may have after the process.

3. This also allows more oxygen to be supplied to the feet, making the skin looking healthier and improves the self-repair process of the skin as dead layers of the skin is removed. As a foot pedicure involves a massage, it helps relieve tension on the skin, muscles, and the joints. It makes you feel energized, refreshed and relaxed. If you feel great down on your feet, chances are your overall happiness level is improved as well as your overall emotional state. Feeling less stressed makes it easier to be more positive and be a lot healthier from the inside out.

4. A lot of cleaning and gentle scrubbing down those feet to remove dead skin cells will expose the newly formed layer of skin that looks smooth, silky, and soft. You can get rid of cracked heels, dirt, and other skin contaminants that may be clinging on your feet.

When should you use a foot file?

Best pedicure foot files  were once only used as an element of having a pedicure. Today, foot files are also used during spa treatments and to revitalize the skin. When having a pedicure, a foot file is used either when the feet are soaked in a pedicure solution (wet filing) or after drying the soaked feet in the solution (dry filing).

Pedicure foot files are also used for different types of herbal as well as stone spa treatments. These treatments help remove dead skin cells from pressure points on the feet. This can be done at a salon by a professional technician or on your own at the comfort of your home.

The process is quite easy and simple. You’ll be done in no time if you’ll do it on your own. You’ll just have to clean your feet with water and pat them dry with a towel before filing down the dead skin off your feet. Use a pedicure foot file to gently rub on your feet and remove calluses from them. Use a towel to remove the dry skin that the foot file removed from your feet. You will also need to apply some foot moisturizing cream or baby lotion once you are done filing.

3. Step by Step Guide in the Proper Use of a Pedicure Foot File

This is a simple guide on how you can properly and easily remove dead skin cells on your feet using a pedicure foot file. If done correctly, you will surely love the result. Your feet will be squeaky clean and will look fresh and smooth all over.

1. Dry the foot that you have soaked in lukewarm water mixed with some foot soak like the Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt and Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, before drying the foot with a towel. After patting dry the foot, just hold the foot from the ankle and start filing from the heel. Rub your heel file using a hard back and forth motion to remove the top layer (dead skin cells).

2. Once you’re done filing your heel, move towards the center of the foot and rub with a foot file using a circular motion. From the center of the foot, move back to the sides of the heels and rub them again in a right to left or left to right motion. Once you are done with the sole of your foot, you can now move to your toes. Rub the outer side of your thumb and pinky finger a little harder in back and forth motions. Use small circular motions to file your fingers. Once everything looks clean and leveled, rub the whole foot to remove the excess dry skin off your feet with a towel.

With regular foot filing, you can improve the overall look of the skin on your feet as well as your overall health. Just make sure that you keep your file clean and to ensure that no bacteria or fungus will be left clinging on any portion of your foot file.