The Stages You Will Go Through When Growing a Beard

If you think that the stages are done, well sorry but achieving that masculine facial hair is not that eay. There are still stages that you will go through before you can achieve that Hollywood style look. Read on to get that dapper and elegant look as if you are going to accept your first Oscars.

The Beard That Needs Nourishing Stage

Aside from aiming for a well-trimmed and good looking beard, you should also aim for a flake free, smelling fresh and soft beard. The best way to do that would be by using best beard softener. While conditioner is good for softening your beard, the beard oil’s job is to lock in the moisture on top of further softening it. In addition to that, beard oil also prevents beard dandruff from coming out. Beard oil maintains a proper balance on your skin so it won’t be too dry and not too oily. It will also keep the beard smelling nice.

Growing a Beard

A Beard That Needs To Be Controlled Stage

Like a normal hair in the head, your beard will have a life of its own once it became long enough. A hair growing in all direction will not give you the beard of your dream and if you do not want to appear like a caveman, then you should do something about it.

To save you from this predicament, a good beard balm is in order.  A beard balm increases pliability the same way pomade works for your hair so you can easily shape and sculpt your beard into place. If you are the type who wears suit and tie, using a balm will give hold and control to your beard and it will be easier for you to make it look tidier by simply running your fingers down through it.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard by going for the “wet look” as it is not that ideal. Just get the right amount by sticking a nickel-size amount to avoid making it look to greasy or too sticky.

The Full Monty Stage

After moving through different stages of growing a beard, the next stage is putting it all together. Same thing like your shaving routine, maintaining your beard should become a daily ritual. Every day washing and conditioning will make the skin underneath your facial hair healthy and applying balm and oil will keep your beard manageable and soft. You can also use vitamins for beard to add extra content to your beard.

Remember that growing a beard should not be a sign that you have given up, rather it should be a feature of your face. Investing in the right products is the key to achieving the dashing mountain man look that you aim to be. Several products can be found to make it easy for you to maintain your beard. You just have to learn how to choose the right product that will work for you and you’ll be the handsome man you always knew you could be.